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Circular Blaster Machine

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Technical Info

Blister Packing machine:

Principle of work:

  • Tablets PVC pack is formed by cylinders method according to tablet shape, by heating and vacuum. The tablets PVC pack formed continuously.
  • Filling the formed tablets PVC pack is manually by worker.
  • The tablets PVC pack is covered by aluminum chip roll and sealed by sealing cylinder.
  • PVC roll is cut according to requested shape.
  • PVC tablet pack go out of the machine automatically.

Machine specifications:

  • Production speed: until 40 rpm.
  • The machine fills and packs the PVC pack of tablets, sweet and all small solid bodies.
  • Forming ability until 15 mm depth.
  • The machine is equipped with all types of dies just for one product.
  • The machine outer body is covered by chrome.
  • There is ability to supply the machine with an automatic feeding bucket, to feed tablets automatically upon request.
  • A worker do the filling manually.
  • The machine is supplied by tablets container, which contains until 15 kg, in case of manual filling.
  • The machine is supplied by mechanism to put production date on the product.
  • The machine is supplied by 1.5m conveyor to transfer the product away from machine.
  • The machine is supplied by mechanism to cut junk roll immediately and continuously after tablets PVC pack cutting.
  • Machine speed easy to set and easy to adjust by inverter.
  • machine motor is Turkish, 2 hp capacity
  • The machine is supplied with vacuum set.
  • The machine’s capacity is 8 kw.
  • Electricity: 380 V , 50~60 Hz.
  • All of switches and contactors are form European sources Muller or Schneider.
  • All thermal clocks are from Autonex source.
  • Electrical operating panel easy to use.
  • The machine is supplied by wheels and bases, which makes machine position easy to set and adjust.